Australian made and proud


It's never been more important to buy Australian Made than right now!

This is a common phrase that has been passed around a lot lately.  Fella Hamilton, more than ever is appreciative of our connection and dedication to Australian Made Product, as we deal with the COVID-19 crisis.

Since the brand's inception in 1969, we have been manufacturing garments right here in Australia.  Over time, with many fabric mills and knitting mills in Australia closing, we began sourcing fabrics overseas, and in turn found some trusted offshore clothing manufacturers, some of whom we still use today. 

Unlike many Australian brands who have diverted 100% of their manufacturing to offshore, Fella Hamilton has kept a significant portion of manufacturing right here in Melbourne, and are proud to supply customers with a quality range of fashionable clothing that includes Australian Made. 


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Not only do we manufacture clothing in Australia, we also buy Australian Made fabric.

With limited fabric manufacturers still operational in Australia, we have a longstanding relationship with Melbourne Textile Knitting Company, a Melbourne based fabric manufacturer. 

With a relationship at least 30 years strong, we particularly rely on MTK for the manufacturing of our much loved Ponti fabric, used in our Ponti pants. 

When you buy our Australian Made Ponti pants from Fella Hamilton, you are also supporting MTK, an Australian fabric manufacturer.


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Our Australian Made Ponti Pants in our Moorabbin warehouse, made from fabric manufactured by Melbourne Textile Knitting Company

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More Australian Made pants from our collection, that are sampled and cut in our Moorabbin warehouse and sent out to local manufacturers for production

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We are proud to support a local fabric manufacturer, with a longstanding relationship with MTK for over 30 years


While it’s more important than ever to support our local economy, we feel that right now is the perfect time to bring the production of our much loved Hedrena range back home to Australia. 

At the start of January 2020 Fella Hamilton became the exclusive owners of Hedrena, 100% Australian Merino Wool clothing.  We are proud to have taken on this brand and continue to support Australian wool farmers with our expanding collection.  We are even prouder to be bringing the manufacture of the garments back to Australia from overseas.

David Hamilton reflects on the importance of this big step -


Australian Made Quote 1 Australian Made Quote 1

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The Australian Made Hedrena collection will be available for our Spring / Summer collection

Australia Made 9

We are proud to bring the manufacturing of Hedrena home to Australia

Australia Made 5

Our Moorabbin based cutting room will cut up bulk Hedrena fabric, ready to send out to local Melbourne manufacturers

Look out for Australian made Hedrena to be available with our Spring / Summer collection launching in September. In the meantime, look no further than our website for all your Australian Made products currently available.  Click here to shop Australian Made, or lookout for the Australian Made logo under each Australian Made style.