Fella Hamilton Healthcare Wear

How we’ve switched gears to produce vital protective wear for frontline health workers


Sharon & David Hamilton, owners of Fella Hamilton, kindly model Fella Hamilton's newest healthcare wear samples. 

In recent weeks the COVID-19 crisis has impacted Fella Hamilton in ways we could never imagine.  Like most other retailers, we have been faced with declining sales, store closures, and staff to look after.  Sharon and David Hamilton, owners of Fella Hamilton have many contacts in the Australian medical industry, and have answered the government call to Australian manufacturers to retool to help the cause.

As a company who prides itself in still manufacturing a large portion of our collection in Australia, the past 2 weeks has seen our company redeploy designers, pattern makers, machinists and dispatch staff in our head office to create scrubs and work wear for GPs, nurses and other frontline health workers.  In a matter of days, the idea became a reality with all staff on deck to turn around samples, photograph and get product online for ordering.

We have designed and tested these scrub sets and gowns so they can be washed and dried at high temperatures, in cases where professionals need to wear them in place of normal work wear that can’t withstand these high temperature washes.   





"Because we have retained a significant proportion of our manufacturing in Australia, we have been able to bring back our staff to work on this project and have turned it around quickly."

In consultation with several doctors, we have created industry acceptable designs and called on our network of suppliers to provide all the materials needed.

“We are even working with suppliers we haven't used before," says Sharon.   

By putting our winter collection on hold for now, we are able to keep the business running, keep staff in work and also create a flow on effect for our local suppliers, including a dye house that will be needed turn white fabric into colours that are suitable for health work.



"With deliveries from China being delayed for up to 4-6 weeks the demand for these items simply can’t be met from the usual suppliers when it’s needed the most.”

It has been a refreshing change for our head office staff particularly to turn our focus onto helping the Australian healthcare industry.  We are proud to be Australian manufacturers at such a critical time.


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Watch owners David & Sharon Hamilton talk about the importance of Fella Hamilton manufacturing a healthcare collection to support our healthcare professionals and keep Australians in work.