7 Scarves for Spring

7 Scarves for Spring

A fashion scarf is such an easy & effective way to give your outfit a lift.

This versatile accessory can be used throughout the year, providing warmth around the neckline while also offering various other ways to enhance your overall style. 

Here are stylish ways to incorporate a beautiful scarf into your outfit:

1. On those chilly days, there's no need to wrap a heavy scarf around your neck. Instead, you can effortlessly drape it over your shoulders to create a chic look.

2. Dealing with changing temperatures, going from cool one day to warm the next, can pose a challenge when accessorising your outfit. Rather than enduring the heat by wearing the scarf, consider tying a patterned scarf to your handbag. This serves two purposes: introducing an unexpected splash of pattern to your outfit and providing a clever way to have your scarf with you throughout the day!

3. You don't have to reserve scarves for cooler weather! Opt for a lightweight patterned silk in the warmer months. A timeless pattern is an ideal choice for adding a touch of contrast to your neutrals, and you won't feel overheated!

4. If you're in the mood for something adventurous, try simply tying a small vibrant patterned silk scarf around your wrist. It's a fantastic way to add a refreshing twist to a solid-coloured outfit.

So whether it's a bouquet of florals, bold stripes, or a fashionable paisley print, with a scarf from the Fella Hamilton collection, your outfit will never be ordinary. Choose from a vibrant or subdued pink, teal, earthy orange, or a popular blue and create a captivating palette of shades to experiment with.

During the Spring-Summer season, our scarf collection is filled with lightweight silk scarves and other natural fibre options such as cotton and cotton blends which are highly sought-after fibers for layering in the warmer seasons.

To help you find a scarf you love, here we look at 7 of our latest scarves that will add glamour and excitement to your look.

Floral scarves including Abigail Scarf in Pink and Teal colour


Available in two luxurious colours, Teal and Pink you'll want to grab one of each. These floral scarves feature exquisite soft highlights of colour that complement neutral outfits or add a vibrant touch to match your ensemble. The soft, lightweight fibers and gentle raw fringe enhance the overall comfort and elegance of these scarves.

Blue floral scarf with mix of teal, navy and white colours


Fella Hamilton's collection of 100% silk scarves are a delight to wear, offering a blend of lightweight comfort and luxury. The Multi Print Silk Scarf showcases an intricate mixed print design with an array of captivating blues, including teal, sea-blue and navy.

Floral silk scarf with navy base


For an enduringly elegant floral, the Moda Silk Scarf presents a navy-based print adorned with bursts of carefully curated colours. Pink and orange take centre stage in this 100% silk print, gracefully complementing the vibrant blue mix. With its captivating floral design, you'll find yourself repeatedly drawn to this enchanting scarf.

Animal print scarf with tones of brown, grey and black


If you're a fan of animal prints, the Jungle Dream Silk Scarf is an absolute must-have. Made fromn100% silk, it seamlessly combines shades of brown, grey, and black, evoking a natural aesthetic. This opulent fashion accessory will never go out of style.

Stripe cotton scarf with colours blue, teal and white


Crafted entirely from 100% cotton, the Danny Scarf provides excellent breathability and a luxuriously soft texture against your skin. The interplay of blue and aqua stripes creates a soothing, coastal charm, further enhanced by a raw fringe. Its generously sized rectangle shape allows for effortless and stylish draping over the shoulders.

Paisely leaf and floral scarf in teal colour


The Moira Rectangle Scarf places the spotlight on a stunning paisley print. Crafted from a soft 100% cotton, this exquisite scarf features a mesmerising blue multi-colour palette, incorporating a canvas of elegance. The addition of a bright teal tassel band at the end enhances its exotic appeal, making it a perfect complement to your outfit.

White and blue leaf scarf


Crafted from a luxurious blend of viscose and cotton, the Madison Scarf features an enchanting yet understated leaf print in a refreshing blend of blue and white. Its lightweight feel and raw fringe create a casual vibe, offering exceptional versatility in the upcoming warmer months. 

Look out for more scarves through the season.


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