Collection: HATS & GLOVES

Step into Fella Hamilton's collection of Hats & Gloves for women. Transition seamlessly from a sunny beach day to a chilly winter evening with our collection of hats and gloves. Pair a wool blend beanie with matching gloves and a beautiful Fella dress for a warm yet stylish look, or when the sun is out, don a ladies' sun hat with a pair of shorts and a tee for an added chic touch.


Our hats and gloves are more than just a shield against the elements; they are a declaration of style and refinement. Meticulously crafted from superior natural fabrics like 100% wool, possum wool blend, and wool blend, our ladies' hats promise a luxurious touch and enduring quality.

From the bold appeal of vibrant colours to the subtle elegance of neutral tones, our designs are tailored to enhance your individual style. For those who appreciate a more traditional aesthetic, our wide-brim fedora offers a dash of timeless sophistication. A favourite, our 100% wool and wool blend hats are ideal for those seeking a fusion of comfort and style.

Fella Hamilton's exclusive range of hats and gloves offers something for every woman. Browse the collection and elevate your style today.

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