Anna Blatman on Mother's Day

May your life be full of colour

This Mother’s Day, we couldn’t wait to chat to Melbourne artist & mum of two Anna Blatman. The lady known for her unique style & love of colour & the person behind the beautiful display of flowers on the Fella Hamilton windows all around the country. Anna Blatman believes that the world is full of colour & it needs to be celebrated.

Q&A: Anna Blatman

With a rich history of colour, prints and patterns in our ranges, Fella Hamilton has joined in collaboration with Anna Blatman. A professional artist since 1993, Anna paints bright, inspirational prints that are the perfect match to our style.

Anna Blatman

1. What inspired you to start painting & how long have you been a practicing artist?

I started painting when I was 24 but it really took a few years to feel like was actually painting anything that made me happy. Officially I’ve been painting for 31 years and still loving that every day I get to be at that easel.

2. What inspires you in your artwork & painting?

I’m inspired by everything around me. I love nature and birds, wildlife and of course precious florals. I’m also inspired by country Victoria.

3. You use such beautiful & vibrant colours in your painting, what does colour mean to you?

Colour means everything to me; the world is full of colour and it needs to be celebrated. I’ve never been scared to use colour and the eyes are the windows to our souls so let’s open those windows and get that soul pumping.

Fella Hamilton x Anna BlatmanFella Hamilton have designed a gorgeous display of 'Laura' flowers for their shop fronts

4. What does your day-to-day look like when you’re working?

I’ve had the same work hours for 31 years - mornings until noon, then down the brushes go. I find I have creative bursts in the morning and once noon comes, I’m done. I then look forward to the next morning where anything can happen.

5. How & when did you start collaborating with Fella Hamilton?

I started collaborating with Fella Hamilton in July 2020 when Fella Healthwear began making facemasks. We collaborated on the Becky Facemask which was a hugely popular design and made people happy wearing it during the very challenging time of Covid. I already knew Sharon Hamilton and I love and respect her business practice and professionalism, so I was very happy to start working with her. I also respect Fella Hamilton's quality products made for women, and as I stay authentic to my values, I appreciate other businesses that share that vibe.

6. Being the artist behind the beautiful Fella Hamilton Mother’s Day campaign, can you tell us abit about the inspiration behind the ‘Laura’ painting?

The Laura painting was inspired by a bunch of flowers I received. I photographed them and got to painting the different florals. It's so wonderful to see this painting being used in stores and online in such a beautiful way, and reaching new people through art.

7. How is this 'Laura' painting being used & do you have any other future projects planned?

Fella Hamilton have designed a gorgeous display of ‘Laura’ flowers for their shop fronts, gift cards, instore and website this Mother’s Day. Being sold is the Laura Umbrella that is perfect for mum. There is even a free gift offer for members which is very exciting. In future, we are planning further collaborations including one with the Breast Cancer Network.

8. How do your children support you as an artist?

My children support me in my business and play a role in its journey. They have had to watch their mother go to work covered in paint and even walking around Coles which I’m sure was a little embarrassing for them at times but as an artist you can get away with it.

9. Do you have a history of artists in your family or artist children?

My mother painted and my son also dabbles in painting and is very talented, so there is definitely a family history of expressing ourselves on the canvas.

10. Finally, how will you be spending your Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is always a special day. My mother has passed away sadly, but my son Chase and daughter Kelly always make my Mother’s Day one to remember.

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Anna Blatman
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