Days for Girls Cambodia - Part 2

Sponsoring students


Project G is entirely student led and the program works to eliminate the stigma of menstruation in rural communities. The team includes 16 members with skill sets such as professional sewing for menstrual kits, packing and distribution, teaching via facilitation of educational workshops in schools, and reporting on project activities. Sharon and David spent time volunteering with the team learning more about how the program helps girls and boys in poor rural communities.

Each student at CRST is part of a sponsorship which includes opportunities to attend the High School, University Education, a Masters Degree Program, English and Computer Studies, plus Community Service and Family Support Programs, such as Project G - Empowering Girls.

With Sharon and David began sponsoring 2 students and 1 seamstress, we here we will profile the 2 students, Ly and Kongkea who are attending University. These students correspond monthly via email to Sharon and David, and are so grateful for their support and kindness.


23 years

Bachelor Degree student studying Business Administration, CRST Family Support Team Member and Project G Production Team Member

Ly sponsor from CRST

Ly was raised in a poor rural community, within the Banteay Srey district in Siem Reap province. Her parents, both farmers, provided for a large family with Ly having 5 brothers and 1 sister. Studying at Pannsastra University in Cambodia, she is now in her 2nd year of a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.

Her brother Pov, now lives in Phnom Penh and has completed his university studies through the CRST sponsorship program. He is still very active in supporting CRST even though he is now based in Phnom Penh.

It wasn’t easy for Ly to complete High School. She rode a bicycle to school every day on a 12-kilometre journey – “My bicycle was broken many times because it was extremely old, and it broke two or three times a month.” said Ly.

To make it even harder, when Ly was in high school, Ly’s mother and family relocated far away to grow rice to support the family. Sadly, Ly’s father passed away when she was in her mother’s womb. Her brother Pov had moved to Siem Reap to start his university education through the CRST, and so Ly lived first with only her youngest brother and then later on her own, so that she could finish her studies.

Ly believed that it was only through an education that she could help herself and her family to have a better life. “I believe that only education can help me and my family”. said Ly. “Education is a big part of developing our society… I had lost hope because my family doesn’t have enough money for me to study.”

In 2021, with the encouragement of her brother Pov, and after the Covid pandemic, Ly moved to Siem Reap to live with her brother, and started university with the financial support of a private sponsor. Later in May 2023, Ly was excited and grateful to become a full time member of CRST sponsorship program.

“When I became a member of CRST, I changed a lot. I got many opportunities for education, experiences and healthcare to improve myself…  I’ve contributed to projects including Project B - Bicycles for Education, Project G - Empowering Girls, and others in the Community Service Department.”

Ly has two positions at CRST. She is a Family Support Team member and Project G Production Team member.

The Family Support role sees her support poor families and elderly people with monthly food supplies such as dry fish, dry food, rice and other ingredients. Here she also encourages parents to send their children to school and supports them to do so. Another initiative is the Family Farm for Futures program which includes the providing of vegetable seeds for families to grow, eat and sell.

Ly from CRST at workLy working in her family support role

In her role at Project G where menstrual hygiene kits are produced monthly and distributed, Ly leads and manages the team and volunteers. Activities include cutting PUL fabric, cotton and flannel components as well at the packing of kits. She has gained so much confidence through this leadership opportunity and is so appreciative “Communicating is a process that can help me to improve my speaking skills.”

Sharon and David at work with Ly and her team at Project GSharon & David with the Project G - Empowering Girls team (right image: Ly with her project co-worker)

Sharon and David worked with Ly at the table packing the components for the kits when they were there in October which was a wonderful chance to get to know Ly better.

“I would like to say thank you so much for supporting my education at university. I am very happy to hear that I have you as a part of my life and my achievement. And I very much appreciate your kindness and encouragement in supporting me.” said Ly.

Quote from Ly


21 years old

Bachelor Degree student studying International Relations, CRST Finance Team Member and Project G Education Manager

Kongkea at work at CRST

Kongkea finished high school in 2020 in Kampong Chhang province, far from Siem Reap. She is now studying a major in International Relations at the best university in Siem Reap though the sponsorship at CRST.

Kongkea is one of five family members in her family, including her parents and two younger sisters. Her parents are farmers and they continue to work very hard to support the family while always encouraging their daughters to be good people. They believe that education is a good way to succeed in life.

When Kongkea was in high school in the village where she grew up, she participated in many causes such as educating others about human trafficking, garbage collection initiatives, and assisting youth volunteer groups to fundraise for the disabled.

After high school, Kongkea moved to Siem Reap for a receptionist scholarship, but her dream was to go to university. With the Covid pandemic taking hold at that time, she struggled to find work and save money to fund her university studies.

Kongkea and her parents were so excited when they learnt about CRST’s sponsorship program and she immediately applied. Kongkea was selected in 2021 to join CRST and she started her university studies in International Relations.

Since joining CRST, Kongkea has been very involved in many community projects including the support of poor rural communities with monthly food supplies. She has also helped to build houses for people who live in the countryside and don’t own a home.

Kongkea at work at CSRTKongkea working in her role supporting rural communities

The two positions that Kongkea has at CRST is as CRST Finance Team member, and recently appointed Project G Education Manager. She welcomes all of these learning experiences and loves working in both roles.

Ly at CRST working in Project GKongkea in the classroom at a rural school with Sharon & David

“Project G provides me with a lot of opportunities to work with the CRST team and people in the community of all ages.”

Working in the Finance Department, Kongkea really loves being taught how to manage money, especially for government or large companies. “It is my goal to work in Finance there after I graduate from University.”

Konglea said “Being sponsored at CRST is a good experience for self-development. I will bring my knowledge and success back to my parents and sponsors who have helped me in the past, and I want to be part of what contributes to society.”

At the Project G workshop that Konglea facilitated, Sharon and David watched her in the rural classroom teach the students about women’s health education, sustainable feminine hygiene solutions, plus discussions on puberty, self-defence and human trafficking.

Sharon commented that Kongkea held all the children’s attention and spoke with great confidence. They really enjoyed being at the rural school with the young children, and they enjoyed watching the children being so attentive and kind to each other in the classroom.

"I would like to express my gratitude to both of you [Sharon and David] for spending your valuable time visiting us in Cambodia and also joining the Project G workshop. Last but not least, I would like to say thank you so much for supporting me.” Konglea said.

 Quote by Konglea

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