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Beautiful Bolero

If you don’t own a Bolero cardigan, then now’s the time to invest with Fella Hamilton’s VIP Mesh Bolero Cardigan. The Bolero is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your outfit. It’s sometimes referred to as a shrug cardigan with a short, open-front that usually cinches in at the waist or hip. 

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 VIP Mesh Bolero Cardigan in black, white, navy


A standout feature of the bolero cardigan is its versatility. Suitable for both dressy and casual occasions, these cardigans are commonly made from lightweight materials like lace, crochet, or chiffon. The VIP Mesh Bolero Cardigan is crafted from a light polyester spandex and effortlessly complements dresses, skirts, or pants.

Drawing inspiration from the clothing of Spanish bullfighters, the bolero features a distinctive short cut at both the front and back. In keeping with its traditional style, our VIP Mesh Bolero cascades down with a longer front length, this achieves a flowing, organic feel with its lightweight fabric. Alternatively, the VIP Mesh Bolero Cardigan adopts the knot bolero style, which when tied creates a flattering waistline and effortlessly enhances the appeal of dresses or tops. 

Functionally, the bolero cardigan provides your outfit with an extra layer for a touch of warmth, and for those who prefer to cover the shoulders and upper arms. 

Offered in three essential colours – white, navy, and black – consider adding one in each hue to guarantee you always have the perfect colour choice in your wardrobe and to enhance your outfit for special occasions.

VIP Mesh Bolero Cardigan knotted and open

Above shows the white and navy VIP Bolero Cardigans paired with the Blue Atoll Sleeveless Dress. Whether worn tied at the front (left image) or left loose (right image), you can effortlessly create two distinct yet equally appealing looks.

To showcase how black can complement a same-coloured undergarment, explore the VIP Bolero Mesh Cardigan layered over the Milton Summer Camisole, and then simply choose a complimentary skirt.

Black Bloreo cardigan styled with black singlet


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