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Adding a splash of colour or a dynamic print is a way to elevate your fashion game and enhance your outfits with some excitement. 

Explore our curated collection of print tops and discover the perfect match that resonates with your individual style and empowers you with the confidence and comfort you deserve. Whether it's a bold pattern or a vibrant hue, here are some of our wonderful prints on offer. 

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A ditsy floral print top is a great way to add a touch of femininity and playfulness to your outfit. The small, scattered flowers give the print a delicate and romantic feel, which is perfect for spring and summer. One of our latest prints is the Spring Bloom Tee - crafted entirely from 100% cotton and featuring short length sleeves. Because it's made from 100% cotton, it's extra comfortable and breathable, and the short sleeves are perfect for a warm day.  The matching Spring Bloom Reversible Jacket is also crafted from 100% cotton and offers a complete match to the Tee - being reversible, you can get two looks in one.

If you’re looking for a darker shade yet still a feminine and playful ditsy floral, check our Everalla Long Sleeve Tee. Featuring a solid black base adorned with a micro-floral design that will work beautifully against a black pant or black jacket.


A paisley print is a popular and very versatile print that can be found on a variety of garments. The teardrop-shaped motif is said to represent fertility and abundance, and it has been used in cultures around the world for centuries.

Our two new paisley print designs are a beautiful addition to the range. The Greenwich Boat Neck Tee and Key West Tee - both simple and elegant, and the blue base is a classic and stylish choice. They look great styled with a Suzy Jean or Sandy Jean, especially in the new Sapphire Blue or Pale Blue colour. For more pant options, see our Pant collection and be inspired by our stylish and diverse outfit ideas.

If you’re after a darker base, see the stunning Aqua Paisley Long Sleeve Tee, perfect for those specifically seeking a black-based option with an added touch of vibrancy. This exceptional piece boasts aqua-coloured highlights which gracefully accentuates a paisley and bold floral pattern.


Botanical prints offer a simple and elegant way to enhance your outfit and in a distinctive manner. Drawing inspiration from the captivating beauty of plants and flowers, these prints will add a touch of nature into your wardrobe. One of our most charming and popular florals is the Spring Sanders Tee which showcases a beautiful arrangement of pink and blue florals on a navy base. 

Alternatively, you’ll be captivated by the Elm House print which is designed by the Liberty of London design house. The print is inspired by the primula and fritillary flower and uses a repeat floral design and interweaving design. Our Elmhouse Liberty Tee is made from a comfortable viscose-stretch fabric and then crafted locally in Australia. If you adore the print, see our matching Elmhouse Shirt which is made from a 100% cotton base.


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