Mother’s Day 2024 | DELWYN & DOROTHY

This Mother’s Day, Fella Hamilton is honouring a tradition by shining a light on some of our incredible mothers. First up this week is mum Dorothy & daughter Delwyn. We’re privileged to hear about some of the treasured moments they’ve shared together & we put Delwyn on the spot to find out how well she knows her mum!

Dorothy & Delwyn sitting back to backLeft to right: Dorothy & Delwyn (Online Manager & Allocations Assistant at Fella Hamilton) 

Delwyn has been with Fella Hamilton for over 26 years, experiencing three different stages of her life alongside the company. Mother & daughter not only share a striking resemblance, they both ooze an infectious happiness & nurturing attitude capable of brightening any space they enter. 

1.    What do you like to do together?

Over the years mum has developed a love for watercolour painting and we enjoy doing this together and teaching each other with new ideas. We always have lots of fun and encourage each other along the way. Mum has even started to teach an art class for the women in our family, plus a couple of special extras – there are about 10 of us now. We learn, create, have fun, laugh and sometimes cry, as we travel through our creative journey.

Dorothy & Delwyn

2. What has been your most memorable holiday together?

This would have to be my trip to Queensland last year with just my mum. We stayed in a lovely waterfront apartment in Coolum and had lots of fun together with wonderful walks along the beach. I was often dragging mum out of the apartment yelling “Quick, I spotted whales!” Luckily for me, mum is very quick on her feet, and we’d quickly cross the road and up the hill to the lookout, only to catch a fleeting glimpse of a tiny flap or two of a fin in the water. What we did see on our trip however were beautiful sunsets and we took lots and lots of photos. We attended a lovely art class learning Ink painting, we went to the Eumundi Market, and best of all on this trip I surprised mum with a mystery visit to her grandson! We met with my son Justin and his wife Stephanie and great grandson Oscar. We had managed to keep the plan a secret from her for about 2 months (with many near slip-ups on my part), but we managed to do it, and what a lovely surprise she had!

3. What’s the funniest thing that’s happened between the two of you?

Oh dear - well that is a tough one as we often have silly things happen to us when we’re together. One of them is the time when mum, my sister and I, decided on a lovely sunny day to go for a bush walk along a trail which headed out to Mt Martha in Victoria. We were going to meet up with one of my sisters’ daughters and have a coffee. As we walked along chatting, mum unexpectedly tripped over a rock on a very flat surface - it all seemed to unfold in slow motion as she began to lose her balance. In mine and my sister’s mind, we thought we’d have to carry her out of the bush if she fell, but mum had different ideas! As she was falling literally horizontal to the ground, her arms flapping, she kept moving forward at great speed and somehow managed to astound us all by remaining upright. It was like watching a cartoon in real life. From that moment, the three of us burst into uncontrollable laughter and we were still laughing when we met up with my niece. She was horrified by our amusement, which made us laugh even more. Dad would be calling us a bunch of giggling gerties.

4. How will you be spending Mother’s Day this year?

Mother’s Day is a day for me to reflect on how lucky I am to have such a great mum and grandmother and how special these women have been to me in my life. Since becoming a grandmother myself last year, Mother’s Day has changed from what it used to be. Now I like to focus on my daughter-in-law who is a new mother to my gorgeous little grandson Oscar. My son may even get dinner cooked for me, but mum and I both go with the flow and just enjoy the day as it pans out for all of us.

Dorothy & Delwyn on tour

How well do you know your mum?

We tested Delwyn with four questions to see how her answers compare to Dorothy’s!

What’s your mum Dorothy’s favourite colour?


DOROTHY: Blue, with mint green being a close second.

If your mum could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

DELWYN: The Orchney Islands. Her grandfather was a Customs & Excise Officer there, so it's part of her heritage. is from there. Mum often talks about going back here on day.

DOROTHY: I would love to visit Alaska to see the Northern Lights and the remarkable snow-covered mountains.

What makes mum feel happy?

DELWYN: Mum would feel happy knowing that all of her family are healthy, happy and safe. Mum loves spending time with her now big kids and all of her 9 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren, with 1 more on the way!

DOROTHY: What makes me feel happy is that my relationship with my three children is mutually loving, accepting, caring and respectful. We are each very blessed.

What’s your mums’ favourite piece of Fella Hamilton clothing?

DELWYN: I would have to say her Haven French Rib Zip Up Jacket in Chambray colour, or her matching Hiatus Stripe Top in blue and white from last summer, which goes perfectly underneath.

DOROTHY: Currently my favourite piece of Fella Hamilton clothing is my Hiatus 3/4 Sleeve Stripe Top in blue and white.


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