Mother's Day 2024 | CATHERINE & ANN

This week as we continue our tradition of honouring Mother’s Day by celebrating the extraordinary women who shape our lives, we're thrilled to feature mother & daughter duo Ann & Catherine & witness their beautiful connection.

Left to right: Ann & Catherine (Social Media Coordinator at Fella Hamilton)

Daughter, Catherine, joined the Fella Hamilton team last year, and brings warmth and creativity to the company every day. Her mother, Ann, is a devoted Fella Hamilton customer, so you might have glimpsed these delightful ladies on our social media channels, where they share their love for Fella Hamilton's garments with customers worldwide. Their strong bond shines both on and off screen, exuding a contagious sense of happiness.

1.    What do you like to do together?

We just love being together. It is like being at home where it is comfortable and you can just be yourself. Mum is very active so we usually go for a walk and have a chat on the go - mainly down Centre Rd to Bentleigh shops and then have a coffee or a walk along Brighton Beach to Elwood. My parents loved the beach growing up, so we spent a lot of time there and it continues to be a place we love to go.

2. What has been your most memorable holiday together?

Definitely our annual January trip to Queensland when l was growing up. We spent a few weeks with dear friends in Brisbane and then a few weeks on the Gold Coast. We always drove up and my parent's made the trip as enjoyable as 2 days in a car could be. Mum also made lots of delicious food to sustain us and a thermos filled with coffee for my dad. I loved the smell of that strong sugary coffee. Both my parents worked incredibly hard all year, not only with paid work, but they were our team coaches. Mum played tennis and Dad was involved with his political party - life was full. So, when January came around, we all enjoyed days on the beach or by the pool eating mangos and lapped up the great weather.

3. What’s the funniest thing that’s happened between the two of you?

It is hard to pinpoint one thing that has been funniest that has happened. We find that most times we get together we have a laugh and we tend to see the funny side of life! Others have observed that we can finish each other's sentences and it is hard for people to get a word in the conversation. We definitely have a strong connection where we know what the other is thinking, how can that be? Probably 51 years of knowing someone so well.

4. How will you be spending Mother’s Day this year?

This year, l’m heading to Perth for the wedding of my partner Clint’s brother. I am super excited about going to Western Australia because l love it so much over there and the weather is amazing, plus l get to spend time with all of Clint’s family. This means l won’t be in Melbourne with my Mum, but she is completely fine about it. She has always said “Mother’s Day is every day of the year”, and we will have a special lunch when l get back.

We tested Catherine with four questions to see how her answers compare to Ann's!

What’s your mum Ann's favourite colour?

CATHERINE: Mum's favourite colour is definitely hot pink. My whole life she has worn Revlon hot pink lipstick and nail polish. I looked up what hot pink symbolises and found it is ‘fearless whimsy, extreme sociability and powerful playfulness’ - I think that is a part of who she is and especially the extreme sociability! She has the largest network of dear friends and neighbours of anyone l know.

ANN: My favourite colour is definitely hot pink. I have always worn hot pink lipstick and nail polish. Many Mother’s Days over the years Catherine and the kids have added in a present the hot pink Revlon lipstick and nail polish as they know l will always use them.

If your mum could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

CATHERINE: If mum could go anywhere in the world, it wouldn't be very far. In fact, it would be where she is and that is in her home. Our family home is very special. It was built by my grandparents in 1925 so it is nearly 100 years old and my mum would not want to be anywhere else. Mum has done some travelling around Australia and over to Europe, as my father was born in Ireland, but it is at home where she is truly at peace and feels happy.

ANN: I am very happy in my own home. It has been the family home all my life and it is where l feel safe and happy. My father and mother had it built in 1925 and there are many happy family memories that live here.

What makes mum feel happy?

CATHERINE: Mum has an eternal optimism so the majority of her day she is in a happy state. Her joy is elevated when she plays tennis with her friends every Tuesday and Thursday. Also, when her family and friends are in good health and when she is with her Church community, she is happy.

ANN: I’ve adored tennis since l was 10, playing twice a week. I enjoy being active and walking every day. It’s also important for me to be social, and so l love being in my community where l know all my neighbours and grew up with many who are also part of my church. Every day my Greek neighbour, Lisa, comes around for 10 minutes, we have a chat and she brings something beautiful she has made that day! I have regular catch ups with my old school friends, and I love the time I spend with my children and grandchildren.

What’s your mums’ favourite piece of Fella Hamilton clothing?

CATHERINE: When l asked Mum this she said "I love everything", and l believe her. Mum does especially love her Liberty print shirts, the Estella Jacket and the Sandy pants that she recently bought. Something that mum and l have in common, is we love a good print top.

ANN: I get most wear out of my Marine Lightweight Jacket and Marine Lightweight Pants in the Seaport colour. l also love and get loads of compliments, when l wear the Studio Bohemia Liberty Shirt. But having said that, l really do love everything from Fella Hamilton as they are the perfect fit and exceptional quality, so I always feel comfortable.


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