Mother's Day 2024 | PAULA & SUZE

It’s always special to have a mother & daughter both working at Fella Hamilton & this Mother’s Day we celebrate the cherished bond between mother & daughter Paula & Suze. This special occasion allows us to honour these two remarkable mothers who have been dedicated members of our team for years. Both talented women working in our factory & production team, we’re so fortunate to witness their shared moments at work.

Left to right: Paula (Alterations Seamstress) & Suze (Cutting Room Coordinator) at Fella Hamilton

Paula started her journey at Fella Hamilton 17 years ago, while Suze followed suit 8 years ago, stepping into her mother's fashionable footsteps. It was a natural progression for them to unite together using their skills in a family friendly women-led business. Paula & Suze are not just united in their professional life, they also share a strong passion for spending quality time with family.

1.    What do you like to do together?

Mum and I like to go to fashion exhibitions, art shows, high tea events and fundraising walks together. Our favourite outing so far is the Coco Chanel exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria in 2022, where mum was intricately explaining all the sewing methods and different fabrics used to my daughters. Mum stopped at every single item and admired all the work involved.

2. What has been your most memorable holiday together?

When I was a teenager, my family went on a road trip to Queensland. Dad was driving in his blue Econovan, as we made our way up from Melbourne. It felt like a lifetime as we stopped half way and took our time. I remember stopping at each of the sites, like the big pineapple, the big sheep, and the big banana where we went on the sugar cane ride and I tried my first macadamia nut ice-cream. We have so many great memories of our road trips up north, which we did many times.

3. What’s the funniest thing that’s happened between the two of you?

Mum and I have shared so many funny moments together and we are always laughing at each other. One memory I have that I’ll never forget is the time I accidently drank from the wrong bottle at my parents’ house. I wanted some lemonade to dilute my wine at lunch time, so I added some from the lemonade bottle that I found. Then I said to mum “this wine tastes weird” which her reply was “It’s because it’s your father’s home-made ‘vino’”. After some time, my father noticed that I had poured his grappa into my wine! We laughed so much that it’s still the running joke at all our family functions when I ask for lemonade.

4. How will you be spending Mother’s Day this year?

We love spending Mother’s Day together. It’s a day to feel spoilt by our husbands and children. We usually go on the Mother’s Day Classic walk, which is a charity event for breast and ovarian cancer research, and then we meet up with family for lunch in the city. In more recent years, we’ve booked lunch or dinner somewhere close to home, always ending with in a chocolate dessert as it’s mums favourite.

We tested Suze with four questions to see how her answers compare to Paula's!

What’s your mum Paula's favourite colour?

SUZE: 100% Red

PAULA: Red, or even pink. I like warm colours.

If your mum could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

SUZE: I would say Italy, or Vegas. Vegas is on mum’s bucket list, as she’d love to see the shows and have fun.

PAULA: Italy, because that’s where I was born and I have relatives there. There are so many places I’d like to still see, as you can’t see everything in one trip.

What makes mum feel happy?

SUZE: Mum looks the happiest when she’s cooking and entertaining at home. I know she also likes reading her Scarpetta novels.

PAULA: Spending time with family and friends. Going to the cinemas, especially my grandchildren, and cooking sweets.

What’s your mums’ favourite piece of Fella Hamilton clothing?

SUZE: I would have to say the Suzy Jeans - she has them in so many colours. She also loves anything in the Hush fabric, and her black Avant puffy vest.

PAULA: Oh, I have so many favourites but I would have to say the Suzy Jeans, I have them in 6 colours! I also love my Hush Pants, that are great for when I travel. My Ponti Pants and last winter’s Avant Longline Down Vest are also my favourite. It’s hard to pick just one!


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