Mother's Day 2024 | SHARON & FAMILY

There’s no better way for us to celebrate Mother’s Day & honour the remarkable women in our lives than by bringing together Sharon Hamilton & her family. 

In the cosiness of their family home, we captured the picture-perfect moment that not only shines a light on the family's adoration for Sharon, but also mirrors her deep affection for each & every member.

Family portrait from Left to right: TOP - Bianca (Joel's wife), Nicholas (Dana's husband), David (Toni's husband), Charlie.

Left to right: BOTTOM - Joel, David, Sharon, Sharon’s mum Mary, Toni, Dana, & pooch Bella.

This year's Mother's Day holds double the significance as Sharon celebrates her milestone 60th birthday. To mark these dual celebrations, the family, including Sharon's mum, are embarking on a sunny getaway to Queensland for a memorable time together. The missing piece will be Fella herself, who adored trips away with all her family. 

Ahead of their holiday, we caught up with each of Sharon's four children – Toni, Joel, Dana & Charlie – to delve into their thoughts about their beloved mum. Additionally, we put their knowledge of her to the test!

1.    What do you like to do together?

TONI: I love spending time with mum, whether it’s going for walks, travelling, chatting about our everyday lives, or enjoying family dinners together. I also enjoy organising and planning events or activities with her - we both love to plan things and make plans!

JOEL: We like to talk about business, chatting on the phone, and catching up. We also love taking walks together with the dog.

DANA: I love to talk about business with mum, especially since we’re both in the fashion industry. We also love hashing out life plans over meals, or during walks.

CHARLIE: When I’m with mum, I love spending time in Mornington with the family, as it brings her great joy.

2. What has been your most memorable holiday together?

TONI: My most memorable holiday together was our recent trip to the health retreat Kamalaya in Thailand, just the two of us. It was a great bonding experience and we had a lot of fun together. Ending the trip with her friends, brought even more laughter. I feel very lucky to have shared many holidays with mum and the family, all of which I’ve loved.

JOEL: That would have to be when we went skiing with mum and the family in the French Alps.

DANA: Definitely visiting my grandfather’s heritage in Romania. We visited the schools and towns where he grew up, together with mum and her brothers and sisters.

CHARLIE: My most memorable holiday is our trip to South Africa with our extended family.

3. What’s the funniest thing that’s happened between the two of you?

TONI: I’ve had people call me Sharon quite a few times before! Apparently, we look very similar.

JOEL: The funniest thing was when I refused to go to my own 11th birthday party, even after mum had organising a bike-themed party with my friends. She ended up taking my bike without me. Eventually, dad had to drive me there, but I was still in my pyjamas.

DANA: A most recent funny moment was when I discovered I was pregnant, and I had to hide my early pregnancy from mum, despite our usual openness. The surprise caught her off guard which was very funny. But it didn't stop there – for the next month, mum and I had to keep it a secret from dad!

CHARLIE: I’d have to say the funniest thing has been me moving back home and spending most nights together.

4. How will you be spending Mother’s Day this year?

TONI: This year, we’ll be celebrating both Mother’s Day and mum’s 60th birthday in Queensland, enjoying a holiday with the whole family.

JOEL: We’ll be heading to Queensland to celebrate mum’s 60th birthday!

DANA: This year we’re celebrating Mother's Day away on a family holiday for mum’s milestone birthday! It's going to be a really special time for us, and I know she’ll love the quality family time together.

CHARLIE: I hope to be spending Mother’s Day with us both enjoying a nice lunch or dinner together, and some wine to celebrate.

We tested Toni, Joel, Dana & Charlie with four questions to see how their answers compare to Sharon's!

What’s your mum Sharon's favourite colour?

TONI: Mum doesn’t have a favourite colour, but she tends to wear orange, red or pink. My grandma Fella, loved orange and she would often like to wear Fella’s clothes.

JOEL: I would have to say pink or red, because she wore pink to my wedding and red to Toni’s wedding.

DANA: I think it’s orange - it’s in between pink and red, and she likes both of these two colours.

CHARLIE: Orange or red.

SHARON: Red and orange would have to be my favourite, as I like to wear bright, sunny colours, rather than dark.

If your mum could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

TONI: She loves hikes, trekking and is always up for a physical challenge. Perhaps a hike up Mount Kilimanjaro or something similar. When we were younger, we went to the Machu Pichu mountains as a family!

JOEL: Mornington on the Peninsula in Victoria.

DANA: She’d like to go to Rwanda to hike with the gorillas; it's high on her bucket list.

CHARLIE: I’m not sure actually, she’s been to a lot of places.

SHARON: I’d like to visit Portugal and Spain, but there are so many other places around the world that I’d also love to see. While I’ve had the chance to visit some parts of South America for example, there are still many other places I’d love to explore there.

What makes mum feel happy?

TONI: Mum feels happiest when she’s surrounded by her family and friends, especially in Mornington. She loves watching the sunset there.

JOEL: She feels happy calling Qantas! Also, spending time with her kids in Mornington.

DANA: A glass of wine by a sunset, ideally overlooking water, with friends or family after a hard but rewarding days’ work.

CHARLIE: When the business is doing well, and especially when her husband David is being lovely to her!

SHARON: Having all of my family and friends around me, and spending time with my children makes me very happy. Beyond that, I get great satisfaction when the Fella Hamilton business is doing well. It’s very rewarding for me, when there is a vibrant energy within all parts of the business and I see ideas come to fruition. I am proud of the Fella Hamilton staff who all contribute to its success.

What’s your mums’ favourite piece of Fella Hamilton clothing?

TONI: This would have to be her scarf. She also loves wearing blazers and coats from Fella Hamilton, and she wears them with pride!

JOEL: A scarf, she has many.

DANA: Her Fella Hamilton blazers.

CHARLIE: One of her Zip Up Jackets.

SHARON: I love the Fella Hamilton blazers, but I also enjoy wearing the warm winter knitwear, and our comfortable linen tops during summertime.


IN TOP IMAGE, LADIES ARE ALL DRESSED IN FELLA HAMILTON - with Bianca (top left) wearing the Milla Fond Sweater. Bottom (left to right) is Sharon wearing the Chalet Textured Sweater, Mary wearing the Brielle Jumper, Toni wearing the Mara Jacket, and Dana wearing the Thames Stripe Shirt.



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