Is A Navy Camisole The New Black

Is Navy the new Black?

Navy Blue has completely stolen the fashion spotlight in recent years! It has become a go-to colour often viewed as an alternative to black – just as versatile and stylish but with a touch of its own charm. 

As navy continues to dominate women's wardrobes, it's evident that a navy camisole is an absolute must-have!

In winter a navy camisole (or singlet) seamlessly layers under jackets and knits, providing both style as well as an extra layer for warmth. During the summer season, you can be sure that a navy camisole, when paired with complimentary pants or a skirt, provides a comfortable and a chic look.

Hush Shorter Camisole, Classic Singlet & Hush Long Length Singlet - in navyHush Shorter Camisole, Classic Singlet & Hush Long Length Singlet

Since navy continues to be blacks fierce competitor, we look at reasons why this hue has gained so much popularity.

Navy is less harsh that black – a softer and more forgiving colour than black, makes it more flattering on more people’s skin tones and completions.  

Navy is more versatile – Black can sometimes be intimidating as it can look washed in certain lighting, whereas navy retains its richness regardless of lighting. This versatility makes it suitable for both formal or casual occasions, and because it can be seen as a ‘neutral’, it pairs with a variety of colours from white and tan colours to bright colours such as red and yellow.

Navy is more approachable – Black can sometimes appear harsh or sombre to the eye, whereas navy is a more inviting colour. Exuding an air of sophistication and elegance, it can make a lasting impression.

Navy is timeless – Never going out of style, you can be sure that a navy-coloured garment will remain a classic look colour for years to come, as it transcends trends and seasons. 

Here we take a look at 3 of our most popular styles in the collection:


1. Hush Shorter Camisole


Experience the timelessness of our classic Hush fabric, crafted from a delightful blend of polyester and spandex. This fabric fits comfortably around your body with just the right amount of stretch, ensuring a perfect and graceful drape.

2. Classic Singlet

The Classic Singlet is just that, classic in shape and colour. Crafted from a cosy cotton blend with a touch of spandex for a gentle stretch, this singlet is a must-have for every woman. The subtle ribbon detailing along the neckline and armholes adds a charming finishing touch, and an elegance that you're sure to appreciate in a basic garment.


3. Hush Long Length Singlet

An extended version of the Hush Shorter Camisole, this singlet is made from a polyester and spandex and is an excellent match for longer tops like a long-line cardigan or jacket. When layered over pants, its comfortable and graceful drape falls over the hips and back, ensuring you feel at your absolute best.


So, why should you invest in a navy camisole

Because it's not just an item; it's a timeless fashion sidekick that never goes out of style!



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