Fella Hamilton, our history

The idea for Fella Hamilton was all thanks to a random stylish lady at Fella's gym.

Fella sensed a new business opportunity, to provide older women with stylish clothes.

Fella Hamilton sitting down on a couch with a tea.

"I enjoyed my life in fashion, it was very exciting, and i feel very lucky that i just happened to fall into it" - Fella Hamilton

Fella photographed with her friends

As the company became more successful, Fella's husband joined, followed by her daughter Ann and then son David.

In 1980's Fella  turned to retail and opened a factory outlet in St Kilda.

Fella comments on what she believes was the key to the brands success.

Marianne Van Dorslar, model since 2001.

In 2001 Fella retires and David and Ann buy her out. She remains active within the business.

2014 saw the retirement of Ann and her husband Michael. As well as the 45th anniversary.

Map of all Fella Hamilton stores across the country.

Fella Hamilton 50th Anniversary.

More 50th anniversary content.

Photo of Sharon, Fella and David Hamilton.

Hedrena: Merino wool.

2020: Fella Healthwear.

David and Sharon express their gratitude for the front line workers in the pandemic.

Fella Hamilton Gowns and Scrubs being used by specialists.

We are proudly accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia.

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