Proudly supporting RSPCA

Proudly supporting RSPCA Victoria

The RSPCA is well-recognised as a champion for animals in need, having started their work over 150 years ago after being founded in Melbourne in 1871. They offer a wide range of services and programs in the community, from animal adoption to veterinary services to cruelty investigations, and more.

This year, Fella Hamilton is committed to making a difference to the lives of thousands of stray and neglected animals by proudly supporting RSPCA Victoria through our annual Knitwear program – where $1 from each knitwear piece sold during our 20% off knitwear promotion will be donated back to the organisation.

Q&A Chris DoigFor Corporate Partnerships Manager Chris Doig and the team at RSPCA, community is everything. “We couldn’t keep our Inspectors on the road, be rescuing animals, or end cruelty to animals without our generous community and charitable organisations like Fella Hamilton,” explained Chris. “This support is more important than ever, with the rise we’ve been seeing both in cruelty investigations and seized animals from terrible situations.”  

1. Being an independent, community-based charity, what is the RSPCA’s mission and purpose?

At RSPCA Victoria our vision is to end cruelty to all animals, and we work collaboratively with the RSPCA federation to make animals’ lives better. With our community, we aim to achieve outstanding animal welfare through education, advocacy, animal care and protection.

2. How long have you worked at the RSPCA and what is your role?

I’ve been with RSPCA Victoria for over three years now as the Corporate Partnerships Manager, which means I get to connect with fun, interesting and kind-hearted organisations like Fella Hamilton each and every day, coming up with creative ways that we can join forces to help even more animals.

3. What are the highlights of your job at RSPCA?

I’ve loved animals since I was child, so for me personally the main highlight of my job is the genuine feeling of happiness and satisfaction I get from helping to make the world a little bit better for them. As Corporate Partnerships Manager, I get to work with companies who share this passion for animals and want to make a difference. It’s all about creating shared value with our partners and building relationships of trust that are all wrapped up in a whole lot of good will.

"Our vision is to end cruelty to all animals."

4. What are some of the RSPCA’s goals this year?

Every day we work to end animal cruelty at RSPCA Victoria, but this can be done in different ways. While there are animals who need our urgent help, it’s also important that we work to reduce cruelty and neglect and increase responsible animal ownership. We do this through advocating for stronger legislation, educating the community on animal care and welfare, and providing support to pet owners to help keep animals in their homes and with their families, such as increasing access to affordable veterinary care.

5. Where will the funds that Fella Hamilton raise from its Knitwear promotion be used by the charity?

Funds raised by Fella Hamilton will help keep our remarkable RSPCA Inspectors on the road, working with the community and rescuing animals from cruelty and neglect. In Victoria alone, our Inspectors respond to over 10,000 reports of animal cruelty every year – that’s nearly 30 per day. RSPCA Inspectors spend a lot of time assisting and educating the community to better care for their animals. They’re amazingly empathetic and compassionate people who need incredible interpersonal skills to navigate these difficult situations and help get animals the care they need. Sometimes Inspectors need to step in and rescue an animal who has been mistreated or is in immediate danger and they also have the power to hold perpetrators of animal cruelty responsible for their actions through prosecution. I sometimes think I’d like to be one of them when I grow up, but I’m not sure I could be as resilient as they are!

6. Fella Hamilton will also be participating in the upcoming RSPCA Million Paws Walk on the 28th May, which is an important annual nationwide event - what can people expect to see and do on the day?

Million Paws Walk is Australia’s biggest doggy day out and we love that Fella Hamilton teams will be participating in the walk in Melbourne and Sydney. On Sunday 28th May, humans and dogs come together at more than 30 RSPCA walks across the country to celebrate all that is great about the human-canine bond. Major walks in each city have a super engaging event village vibe with sponsors, exhibitors, food trucks, entertainment and an overarching sense of family fun. You don’t even need to have a dog to come along – just a love for our furry friends!

7. How did the Million Paws event come about and what is the purpose of the event?

The first Million Paws Walk was held in 1996, and has become an annual tradition for families and their dogs over the past nearly 30 years. It’s about people being a superhero for dogs in need and raising money for the cause. It’s our biggest fundraising event of the year!

8. How can people support the RSPCA all year round, and where can they go for more information on how to support such a meaningful cause?

There are so many ways to support RSPCA all year round! From adopting a pet, becoming a donor, shopping at our op shops and pet stores, joining as a volunteer or foster carer, getting involved in fundraising, attending our events or utilising services such as our veterinary clinics. The easiest way to start is to head to the website of the RSPCA in your state and see what’s on offer!

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