Summer 2023 Behind the Scenes

It's a Wrap! We go behind the scenes

Get summer ready with our new Spring 2023 Catalogue & the 1st edition of our new Essentials Catalogue landing soon!

Photoshoot behind the scenes in studio

A collaborative effort of stylists, models, designers, artists, photographers and marketers came together, pooling their talents to ensure the upcoming season becomes an extraordinary success.

It takes an extensive team of professionals to orchestrate a successful photo shoot with each individual playing a crucial role. A fashion shoot encompasses an entire day dedicated to capturing captivating photos and videos. These visuals are then used to create our wonderful catalogues and the imagery for our website, social media and advertising for customers to see and enjoy.

And so the excitement of the upcoming Spring Summer season is here with fabulous new styles that will set your wardrobe ablaze. Discover the allure of our majestic and chic Resort wear, adorned in a delectably rich teal hue. Be captivated by the charm of our popular and much loved Spring Bloom Reversible Jacket and Printed Tee, boasting an exquisite new Spring Bloom print. And indulge in the lightweight comfort and elegance of the exclusive collection of 100% cotton limited edition shirts including the Minnie Shirt in three colours, meticulously crafted by our treasured European supplier, ERFO. 

Also on offer, we introduce the first edition of the Summer time Essentials Catalogue, a treasure trove of indispensable must-haves that are bound to elevate your summer wardrobe. The catalogue will unveil an array of new season hues in our iconic Suzy Jeans and more colour options in the must-have Essential Tees and Active Square Neck Top. Elevate your ensemble with the timeless elegance of the Caledonia Tunic, expertly crafted from 100% linen and available in both classic black and white options. 

Models wearing stripe tops

Multiple colours of Suzy jeans and model wearing emerald coloured fashion


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