Summer Dressing Part 2 - Beachwear

Beach Summer Dressing

Heading to the beach is a much-loved summer activity for many Australians. Whether you live by the coast or are embarking on a beachside getaway, organising your summer beachwear wardrobe is essential.

On hot days, you'll want to wear pieces made from lightweight materials that offer breathability and airflow. Adjust your outfit accordingly as the temperature cools by layering or having garment alternatives readily available. Whether the temperature drops or whether you’re simply moving out of the sun to a cooler indoor environment, outfit options are a must.  

If you like to wear bright and cheerful colours, you’ll be in line with beach vibes which is often about fun. Bright colours like orange, pink, purple, turquoise and ocean blue evokes a feeling of happiness and enthusiasm.

Alternatively, opting for neutral shades like white, beige or pale blue, for your beachside wardrobe will create a laid-back, relaxed feel. You can pair neutral tones, especially white, with splashes of colour. Accessories are a great way to balance colour in your outfit, so try adding a neutral or colourful hat, depending on your outfit.

With comfort, style and sun protection in mind, here are a few ideas to get you inspired on those hot summer days and nights.

St Lucia Kaftan

St Lucian Kaftan

This Caribbean inspired kaftan not only works beautifully with the mood of the beach but also creates a relaxed look and feel. Our St Lucia Kaftan is the ideal choice if you love glamorous bohemian styling. This statement piece features a low v-neckline with dazzling ornate beading, coupled with a stunning floral print that's perfect for layering over a swimsuit.


Cancer Council Sunhats

Cancer Council Sunhats

As sun hats evolve from practical items to stylish fashion accessories, there are many opportunities for people to protect their skin from sun damage while still looking fabulous. Fella Hamilton offers an extensive selection of women's sun hats, many of which fall under the Cancer Council brand with every purchase going towards cancer research and services. Our most popular choice is the timeless Classic Breton Squash & Wash Hat, but have you seen our Heritage Town and Country Hat and the Bohemian Bucket Hat?

Sun hats with wide brims, bucket styles, or legionnaire designs come highly recommended by the Cancer Council for effective skin protection against sun damage.


Indigo Bay Skirt & Cayman Islands Skirt

Indigo Bay & Cayman Islands Skirt

A skirt is a handy garment to add to your beachwear collection where simplicity and ease of wear is mandatory. With the shirred elasticated waistband, you can simply slip this one on. The slight gathering at the seams adds texture, and the wide ruffle hem is a feminine and playful touch, perfect for summertime. Not only do these two-style options offer ease for beachside fun, they also feature a stunning floral and geometric print mix with an eclectic charm.


Indigo Bay Cardigan

Indigo Bay Cardigan

For a matching piece to the Indigo Bay Skirt, here is the Indigo Bay Cardigan. Long and loose-fitting, the cardigan is perfect as an outwear throw-on option for the summer. Wear easily with your bathing suit underneath, with or without the skirt as a match. The vibrant and eclectic charm of this floral and geometric print will keep you stylish all day long.


Vallarta Silk Tunic

Vallarta Silk Tunic

Silk effortlessly achieves a graceful, weightless appearance that transitions from day to night beautifully, and the Vallarta Silk Tunic does just that. Featuring an enchanting tonal leaf abstract design in shades of pinks, teal, and purple, this exotic print is a summer essential. The fabric's gentle drape cascades down the body, complemented by generous 3/4 length sleeves, making this design a must-have for the season.

Matching made easy...

Beauitful Vallarta Patterns

Vallarta Tote Bag 

Vallarta Tote Bag is made from a durable polyester that will last the harsh heat, investing in the matching bag is a breeze. The Vallarta Tote Bag has comfortable self-fabric straps to help carry the weight of your beachside must-haves with ease.

As the evening draws closer, or the day takes you indoors – check our matching Vallarta accessory options below:

The Vallarta Silk Scarf

The Vallarta Silk Scarf is the exact match print to the Vallarta Silk Tunic which will be handy as the heat subsides, or the day calls for more dressed up styling. Simply drape it loosely around the neckline for an effortlessly chic touch. 

The Vallarta Clutch Bag

The Vallarta Clutch Bag is a small yet captivating accessory. This bag features piped edges and a gold zipper enclosure, and is complete with a charming bead and tassel zipper head to enhance its elegant appeal.

For other silk tunic options, see the Logo Sulk Tunic and Kasha Silk Tunic, with matching accessories

Silk Bags and Scarves


Santo Crush Dress

Santo Crush Dress

A casual flowy dress is mandatory in summer and is an easy-wear essential.

The crush fabric in the Santo Crush Dress offers crush fabric that not only means hassle-free wear, but also looks beautiful as a summer and beach option. Featuring flowy elbow length sleeves, a flattering mid-length, and tassels at neckline, this dress is perfect for wearing on the beach as the sun goes down.  



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