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5 summer florals

Florals are one of the most celebrated print styles in the world of fashion. They have been popular for many centuries & continue to be on-trend today. You can wear florals in any season, from delicate spring blooms to bold summer tropicals, & in this blog we feature 5 of the newest and most loved this season. 

Whether dressed up or down, a Fella Hamilton floral piece stands as a versatile and fashionable choice suitable for so many different occasions. There are many reasons why florals are so popular in fashion. One reason is that they are associated with beauty, nature, and femininity. Flowers are also seen as a symbol of new life and hope. Additionally, florals can be used to create a variety of different looks, from romantic and whimsical to edgy and modern.

Whether you prefer a delicate ditsy floral or a bold geometrical pattern, there is a floral print out there for everyone. So, next time you’re searching for a stylish and versatile outfit, don't be afraid to reach for a floral piece and express your personal style.

Fun Floral Tee


Introducing the Fun Floral Tee, a name well-earned. Its vibrant and playful allure lies in the captivating painterly print that immediately captures your attention. Subtle shades of pale blue, soft pink, and lemon gently emerge, creating an enchanting visual.

The 3/4 sleeves, crew neckline, and subtle curved hem of this tee contribute to its organic feel, making it an instant favourite. This top encourages you to play with colour, and our first choice is to pair it with light blue chambray jeans such as our Suzy Stretch Jeans, and complement it with the Giardino Wood Bead Necklace for a perfect match.

Abstract Floral Shirt


Experience the allure of our Abstract Floral print, featuring a striking large-scale design with prominent organic shapes. Printed on luxurious 100% linen fabric, this design embodies a perfect blend of quality and beauty.

Encouraging versatility, Fella Hamilton has meticulously crafted statement pieces including the Abstract Floral Shirt, Abstract Floral Blouse, and Abstract Floral Wide Pant. Embrace these options as essential additions to your summer wardrobe, ensuring you're adorned in elegance for various occasions. For a timeless look, pair them with classic white and navy options like the Code Wide Leg Pant in white, or the navy Lia Luxton Top. Complete your ensemble with our cafe-coloured Teddy Crossbody Bag for a soft, neutral touch of sophistication.

Fauvism Floral Shirt


Introducing our latest Liberty creation, the Fauvism Floral Print Shirt. Crafted from lightweight 100% cotton, this comfortable summer option boasts a bold floral print that stands out like no other. Inspired by true artists, this Liberty of London design celebrates art and beauty in its purest form. Playful, irregular dots fill in the flower shapes, creating a striking picture that is an honour to wear. Keep it effortlessly chic by pairing it with a neutral lightweight pant, such as the Chaucer Plain Hem Pant in our neutral bay colour.

Gerrie Floaty Top


Evoke drama with vivid and captivating reds, pinks and rich burgundy hues that burst forward from the Gerrie Floaty Top. Meticulously blended in colour, this beautifully crafted print will undoubtedly be a standout piece at your next special occasion. The longline, oversized silhouette of this top contributes to a flowing and effortlessly chic shape, as does the two layers of fabric.

Set against a navy base, it pairs seamlessly with any slimline navy bottom for a stylish look that feels fantastic. We recommend the Hush Narrow Leg Pant in navy, and for an extra touch of dimension and interest, consider the Ahlea Wood Necklace.

In Full Bloom Shirt


Witness the enchantment of our In Full Bloom print. This delightful assortment showcases a bouquet of pink summer florals on a 100% linen fabric, making it the ultimate 'pretty in pink' statement.

Starting with the In Full Bloom Shirt, this style boasts a stylish curved hem, delivering a wide and relaxed look and feel. Elbow-length sleeves add a fresh edge to enhance the garment's beauty. The In Full Bloom Blouse and In Full Bloom Pant are easy choices to complete your wardrobe, providing versatility in their ability to mix and match.

Pair with summer-time neutrals such as the white Thinner Strap Singlet and the chic white Chaucer 7/8 Button Pants for a timeless ensemble.


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