The Doherty Institute's Celebration Lunch

Celebration Lunch at Stonefields

Sharon Hamilton, Paul Bangay, Sharon Lewin, David Hamilton.Left to right: Sharon Hamilton, Paul Bangay, Sharon Lewin, David Hamilton at the Stonefields garden


 Sharon Hamilton comment on their experience at the Doherty Institute celebration lunch.

With gardens in full bloom at the height of Spring, it couldn’t have been a better time for the Doherty Institute to organise a celebration lunch at award winning landscape designer Paul Bangay's private estate, Stonefields. Both Sharon and David Hamilton had the honour of being invited to this special event.

What does Doherty Institute do and why did they hold this lunch?

With the vision of improving health globally through discovery research and the prevention, treatment and cure of infectious diseases, the Doherty Institute is a centre of excellence where scientists and clinicians have been collaborating to improve human health globally since 2014. Expertly guided by Director, University of Melbourne Professor Sharon Lewin, a leader in research and clinical management of HIV and infectious diseases, the Doherty Institute has improved health for communities both nationally and internationally. The past three years have been an incredible time for discovery and advancements in infectious disease research and so Professor Lewin brought together some of the Institutes generous supporters, including Sharon and David for a scrumptious lunch. If you want to find out more about the Peter Doherty Institute – see their website here:

What has been Fella Hamilton's involvement with the Doherty Institute?

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in Australia, at the beginning of 2020, Fella Hamilton and its customers have been proudly supporting the Doherty Institute. Two winter collections (2020 & 2021) have featured a knitwear promotion, where a percentage of sales were donated to the Institute. All research at the Doherty Institute is funded through grants, so philanthropic support from Fella Hamilton customers has played a part in driving research forward. “Fella Hamilton felt an immediate synergy with the Doherty Institute, as a proportion of our customers are in a high-risk, vulnerable group.” Sharon Hamilton said. The onset of Covid-19 also saw mandated wearing of a face mask covering for all Melbournians and the team at the Doherty Institute quickly recognised our ability to design, manufacture and deliver quality Australian Made non-clinical masks, which they wore in the workplace during these regulated times. Fella Hamilton are very proud to be able to divert local fashion production and to produce a range of PPE for professionals, such as those at Doherty, who were required to take extra precautions whilst carrying out their duties during the pandemic.

Tell us more about the lunch?

“The lunch was certainly a special afternoon, with great food and wine. To top it off, the sun came out in time for the garden tour,” said Sharon and David Hamilton. Organised by The Doherty Institute and hosted by Professor Lewin’s dear friend Mr Paul Bangay and his husband Barry McNeill at the iconic country residence Stonefields, an intimate lunch was presented with a view to the spectacular garden. Sharon and David were enthusiastic to meet Paul and Barry and to see their lovely house that was full of beautiful furniture and crockery. Every detail including the food, wine and service was exquisite. In the company of Nobel Laureate Peter Doherty and his wife Penny, plus Sharon Lewin, Sharon and David asked many questions, and received first hand answers about the pandemic as well as the Institute's important work. “It was an honour to sit beside two eminent scientists and help celebrate the amazing work that the whole institute does.” said Sharon Hamilton. It was a delightful lunch and a very humbling experience listening to Paul’s love of landscaping alongside such special icons in science in one room.” said David Hamilton.

Tell us more about Paul Bangay and his spectacular garden?

Paul Bangay is a preeminent Australian gardener and landscape designer. Widely regarded, Bangay’s clients include prominent figures in business and culture, and with numerous projects worldwide. Driven by a passion for gardening and design and inspired by travel and architecture, Stonefield’s has been an evolving project and experimentation has been key to the completion of his magnificent vision. The garden, Stonefields, is Mr Bangays own legendary private garden and is positioned in the Victorian countryside halfway between Kyneton and Daylesford. Paul created the resplendent garden from scratch over 16 years ago.

Want to know more about the Stonefield’s garden?

You can find out more about the garden at Stonefields on the website were you’ll read and see videos about Paul himself, his vision and evolutionary career.

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