What is the most flattering skirt style?

Flattering Skirt Styles

Investing in a plain skirt is essential for its versatility & ability to effortlessly match with a variety of tops, jackets & accessories. Plain skirts can come in many styles & here we look at options to help you discover the most flattering one for you in our range!


Straight stretch styles - Suzy SkirtSuzy Pull On Skirt

Introducing the Suzy Pull On Skirt – your ticket to a versatile wardrobe! The Suzy Skirt is available in 4 chic colour options: Indigo Blue, White, Taupe and Chambray and is made with a soft stretch and cotton-blend fabric that pairs back so easily with a tops and shirts. For a polished appearance, style up with a classic linen shirt that’s tucked-in, or alternatively leave the shirt out for a more relaxed vibe.

Made with 5% spandex, the Suzy Skirt is great for so many body shapes. The narrow silhouette of the skirt definitely complements a straighter figure thanks to its ability to conform closely to the body. If you have a curvier body frame, you’ll enjoy the stretch at the hips and an elasticated waistband which ensures a comfortable fit that cinches in at the waist. Those with rounder figures will also delight in the comfort-stretch waistband and stretch fabric. The knee length is good for both tall and shorter bodies.


Code Denim Zip Front SkirtCode Denim Zip Front Skirt

If you're in search of a laid-back plain skirt, the Code Denim Zip Front Skirt is the ideal choice. This cotton-rich skirt, in a soothing chambray blue colour, includes all the elements of a classic denim style – a zip front, side and back pockets, and a back slit at the hem. The waistband guarantees a comfortable fit, featuring elastic at the sides that harmonises with the 2% elastane stretch incorporated in the fabric.

Suitable for various body frames, this skirt is versatile for both tall and shorter individuals with its knee-length design. If you have a narrow waist and hips, the elasticated fabric and waistband work to keep the material close to the body, enhancing even the subtlest curves. Individuals with pear, hourglass, or rounded figures will also appreciate this skirt’s ability to contour and flatter diverse body shapes with ease.


At Fella Hamilton, gored skirts have been a long-time favourite, gracing many of our cherished designs. Loved for its femininity and ease of movement, here we explore three gored skirt styles - a straightforward, elegant classic option (in black and navy) and two monochrome patterned skirts.

A gored skirt is made with triangular panels of fabric, creating a snug fit at the top and a graceful flare at the bottom, resulting in a beautiful drape. With a gentle taper at the waist and an outward flow at the hem, gored skirts embrace the charm of an A-line silhouette.

Hush basque Gored skirt in black and navy Hush Basque Gored Skirt in Black & Navy

The classic Australian made Hush Basque Gored Skirt is created with ten gore panels and offered in a timeless black and navy blue. Crafted with a flowing polyester and viscose blend fabric, and a hint of stretchy elastane (5%), this skirt is not just beautiful but also easy to wear. The added benefit of an elasticated waistband turns getting ready for any special occasion into a breeze.

Gored skirts Bowen Lane skirt and Inverness SkirtBowen Lane Skirt & Inverness Gored Skirt

When it comes to patterns, we explore the charming Bowen Lane Basque Gored Skirt from our spring-summer collection and the more subtle printed skirt of the cosy Inverness Gored Skirt from our autumn-winter range.

These flared designs are adored by individuals with an hourglass or pear-shaped figure, as they artfully balance the curves of the hips with a graceful sweep at the base of the skirt. Conversely, those with a narrower body frame can benefit from the A-line shape, as cinching it at the waist creates the illusion of curves and hips. In such instances, opting for a tucked-in top at the waist enhances the waist and hip line for an optimal look.


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