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Discovering the perfect undergarment for everyday wear can be a challenge, but Fella Hamilton's skivvies offer a blend of comfort & versatility. Traditionally reserved for layering, our skivvy collection effortlessly transitions from a complementary layer to a standalone fashion statement.

At Fella Hamilton, we recognise the importance of a natural, skin-friendly fabric for women. Let's explore a couple of our favourites in the Women's Skivvies collection such as the Hedrena Skivvy, crafted from the beloved Hedrena range featuring 100% wool, and the Warm Up High Neck Skivvy, made from a soft cotton-modal stretch fabric.

Hedrena Skivvy Long Sleeve Top

Hedrena Skivvy Long Sleeve Top

If you haven't yet experienced our Hedrena range, you're in for a treat. Our high-quality tops are exclusively made from 100% Australian Merino Wool. Not only is the wool locally sourced, but the garments are also ethically produced, carrying Ethical Clothing Australia (ECA) certification.

Natural wool boasts exceptional breathability and moisture-absorbing properties. Its thermal insulation keeps you cosy in the cold and cool in the heat, making it an ideal choice for transeasonal wear. The Hedrena Skivvy is especially popular among mature women seeking comfort and optimal body temperature. Breathability is key, and this skivvy excels as the first and, at times, the only layer against the skin.


A cool wash is required for any Hedrena garment, either by machine washing or on a gentle or wool cycle. Hand washing is also an option and recommended for light colours such as Alphine White and Beige Marle. Separate colours when washing, and use a gentle neutral wool detergent to ensure the correct chemical balance for the garment. Warm Iron with steam.

This garment is dry cleanable. Always refer to the garment care label for more information.

Warm Up High Neck Skivvy

Warm Up High Neck Skivvy

Indulge in the luxurious feel of our Warm Up High Neck Skivvy, featuring a blend of 47% Cotton, 47% Modal, and 6% Spandex. The supersoft fabric provides a perfect base for layering during colder months, and its classic design ensures a flattering fit.

Cotton's well-known benefits—comfort, breathability, absorbency, durability, and sustainability—are complemented by modal, a regenerated fibre made from wood pulp. Modal enhances the fabric's softness, making it an excellent choice for a natural feel against the skin.

Embrace premium comfort by keeping these fabrics close to your skin, extending right up to the neckline. Our Warm Up Skivvy is a versatile essential that effortlessly combines style and comfort.


A cold wash is required for this garment. Either wash with a gentle machine wash or hand wash for the gentlest approach. A hand wash is recommended but not mandary for light colours such the Silver Marle. A cool Iron inside out is advised. This garment is dry cleanable. Always refer to the garment care label for more information.


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