Breast cancer awareness 2023

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month & at Fella Hamilton we wanted to support the incredible work of Breast Cancer Network Australia. BCNA is Australia's leading Breast Cancer consumer organisation that work tirelessly to ensure all Australians who are affected receive the very best care, treatment & support.


Fella Hamilton staff with support of BCNAThe Fella Hamilton team at Head Office in Melbourne, dressing up for the cause (David & Sharon seated at centre with Bella on floor)

We are all too familiar with the devastating impact of cancer. This relentless disease not only robs us of the women we hold dear but also shatters our peace of mind. Breast cancer, in particular, is a pervasive force, leaving no one untouched. For women (& men), it is an ever-present concern, a shadow that looms over our lives. We grapple with our own fears, undergo testing, and invariably have a connection to someone who has faced this diagnosis.


With the help of artist and Fella Hamilton collaborator Anna Blatman, for the month of October we are donating $5 from the purchase of every Anna Blatman Tea Towel (RRP $24.95) to BCNA. Packaged in a box, the tea towel is a great gift to give a friend and help out many women at the same time.


Anna Blatman Tea TowelAnna Blatman Tea Towels

Anna Blatman is a globally acclaimed Australian artist, celebrated for her vivid and dynamic depictions of flowers, animals, and landscapes. Her journey as a professional artist commenced in 1993, and her remarkable creations have graced galleries and museums worldwide.

Anna’s artworks are distinguished by their bold brushwork, expressive palette, and a whimsical touch of humour. She often portrays her subjects with exaggeration and stylisation, creating a sense of movement and vitality. Her paintings are known for their positivity and uplifting energy, reflecting her connection with nature and her intention to spread joy through her creations.

Anna is a suporter of BCNA and her painting featuring the two birds on the tea towel is titled Fifi and Andie, in honour of two inspirational women in her life who were diagnosed with breast cancer. 


Fifi, a devoted mother of three, carries a family history marked by the shadow of cancer. Her heart brims with gratitude towards Breast Screening Victoria, whose unwavering reminders served as a beacon of vigilance during her bustling life. Fifi's appreciation extends to BCNA and the extraordinary individuals who stand by her on this challenging journey, among them her steadfast, longtime friend and support, Anna Blatman. To read more about Fifi’s story see the link here.


Andie received the distressing diagnosis of Paget's Disease in her breast at the tender age of 27. She embarked on a gruelling journey of countless appointments and rigorous tests, followed by five months of chemotherapy and ultimately a mastectomy. In her challenging path, Andie draws inspiration from Anna's active engagement with the BCNA, finding their invaluable resources to be a guiding light in her battle. To read more about Andie’s story see the link here.

Fifi & Andie BCNA supporters                            Fifi (left) and Andie with husband (right); Andie at an Anna Blatman art class

The Anna Blatman Tea Towel is a radiant addition to your kitchen must-haves. Crafted from microfiber and envisioned by the talented Anna Blatman, this tea towel not only delights the eye with its captivating design but also offers exceptional functionality, with the ability to absorb six times its weight in moisture. 

Perfect for drying and cleaning crockery, glassware and cutlery.

Removes smear, watermarks and fingerprints effortlessly.

Absorbs six times its weight in moisture.

Microfibre reduces bacteria on surfaces by up to 92%.

Size 75cm x 50cm – Machine washable.

In line with Fella Hamilton's passion for collaborating with organisations that endorse Australian-made products and ethical principles, these Tea Towels are proudly cut, dyed, printed and overlocked by a combination of skilled regular and special needs workers. Working side by side at a Brunswick Victoria production facility, the workforce benefit from a supervised mentorship program in which they provide support, training and encourage special needs workers. 

Anna Blatman Tea Towels

Fella Hamilton is a BCNA supporter

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