Special items may include items which are embroidered, beaded, appliqued or are made from delicate fibres, knits or fabrics such as lace or an open stitch piece of knitwear.

It’s always best to avoid wearing any jewellery when wearing garments which are made from delicate fabrics or which include delicate beading and trimming.

This also applies to knitwear, particularly if the knit is quite open in its structure.


Most special items are dry clean only, however always check the care instructions as each item will differ depending on its special property. Ensure you use a reputable dry cleaner to avoid disappoinment.

For garments which can be hand washed, always wash inside out in luke warm to cold water, swish the item around and avoid any rubbing if possible. Gently squeeze off excess water, then place in a towel and press as much water out of the garment as possible. Reshape your garment and let it dry flat on a new dry towel away from direct sunlight and heat.


We recommend storing your special items in a cloth garment bag so it can breathe. Do not use plastic garment bags for long term storage.

Using a garment bag will protect the garment against becoming damaged or damaging other garments when stored in your wardrobe.

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